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Auburn Angel's Graphics Homepage
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Terms of Use


What you may do with my Graphics
1.  Personal Use  --Please feel free to save to your computer the graphics I offer for your Personal (Non-commercial) use, including IM Letters, IE Skins, Yahoo Skins, and Glitters.
For your personal use, it is not necessary to link back to me but it would be a nice thing to do so others can find the goodies too.
2.  Signature Artists  --Yes, you may use my glitters to make signatures and dolls.
3.  Web-graphics Artists  --Yes, you may use my glitters to make web graphics for your own personal or non-commercial use.
*Artists using my glitters in your designs, please give me a credit link on your website*
The URL on my graphics pages will change periodically to discourage remote linking.  Be sure to link to my Graphics Home Page at the url below (which will not change).

You may use this button to link me

What you may NOT do with my Graphics
1.  DO NOT RE-DISTRIBUTE  --You may not re-distribute my graphics or glitters in any forum, group, website, or mass e-mailings without my written permission.
2.  DO NOT POST OR DISPLAY  --You may not post or display my graphics or glitters for download or display as a collection in any forum, group, or website without my written permission.
3.  DO NOT ALTER  --You may not alter or claim my graphics or glitters as your own.
4.  NO REMOTE LINKING  --You may not remote link to my graphics or glitters...that is bandwidth theft.  If you use my glitter tiles as a webpage background/border you must save the files to your own pc and upload to your own webhosting site.
*It has recently come to my attention that there are several Yahoo and MSN Groups who are re-distributing my glitters through e-mails or are posting them as downloads from their websites.  This is in direct violation of my terms of use.
Please feel free to report any violations to me.
*~Give Credit where Credit is Due*~